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Storify helps you sort through the noise to find the voices online that matter

Storify users tell stories by collecting updates from social networks, amplifying the voices that matter to create a new story format that is interactive, dynamic and social. Discover meaningful social media from the best storytellers online, including journalists, bloggers, editors and people like you, too.

See the best of what people are posting

Our front page displays the best stories made from images, videos, links, updates and other media collected by Storify users. Any element in a story can be re-used for your own stories.


From our home page or at the top of any page on the site you can search to find media collected on Storify. Search results are based on the resonance each media item has on our platform.

Create your own stories

Storify lets you curate social networks to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the Web into a coherent narrative.

We are building the story layer above social networks, to amplify the voices that matter and create a new media format that is interactive, dynamic and social.

Search for social media elements

In the Storify editor, you can search social media networks to find media elements about the topic you want to Storify. Look through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and more to gather material for your stories.

Curate the elements

Drag and drop status updates, photos or videos to bring together the social media elements that will best illustrate your story. You can always reorder elements in your story, or delete them if you find something better. And you can always add more items later on. Your story is always editable, so you can pull in the latest from the social web.

Write your own narrative

A Storify story is more than just a collection of elements from social media. It's also your opportunity to make sense of what you've pulled together. You can write a headline, introduction and insert text anywhere inside your story. You can add headers, hyperlinks and styled text. Build a narrative and give context to your readers.

Embed stories anywhere

Storify stories can be embedded anywhere on the Web by simply pasting an embed code, just like embedding a video.

Go viral

Storify isn’t just about pulling media from social networks, it’s about spreading stories too. Storify helps your story go viral by making it easy to notify all the people quoted in your story, so they will know they are now part of something larger. These links are highly likely to be shared further on social networks and draw a response.

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